Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When will my order ship?

Unless the item is stated as a pre-order purchase, your order will ship out in 1-12 business days (which does not include travel time).  There is a fluctuation on this time period deepening on current order volume.  If you're in a time crunch and need the yarn ASAP, please choose expedited shipping and leave me a note.  I will do my best to accommodate such requests, but they cannot be guaranteed. Once the yarn is out of my possession, I have no control over delays or shipping speed.

When will my pre-order purchase ship?

Each pre-order will have an estimated timeframe for when your item will be shipped out.  Please refer to the listing at time of purchase to see the shipping estimate.  If the timeframe does not work for you, please do not make the purchase.  This does not include travel time.  ***Please note this is also subject to change.

Is my package lost (it's taking weeks/months to get to me)?

Although rare, I have seen packages get stuck in transit at a certain facility for weeks on end.  This is more likely to happen with international packages because of customs delays, but I do see it happen with stateside orders from time to time. Please be patient with your package.

When should I contact you about my package shipping speed?

For stateside orders- if your package is still in transit after 8 weeks feel free to contact me to follow up.  For international orders- if your package is still in transit after 12 weeks feel free to contact me.  Granted your package should arrive much sooner than these estimates (usually 2-4 days for US and 1-4 weeks for international), please adhere to these timeframe guidelines for contact.