Ever After Collection Pre-Order Updates

Turnaround time 8-12 weeks

All orders should ship by Friday, May 10th 2024. This is still subject to some wiggle room though as this puts us at the beginning of our promised 8-12 week promised turnaround.

Just Breathe: COMPLETE

Some People Read Because They Cannot Think for Themselves: In Queue

Once Upon a Time: In Production

The Man Who Opened a Door: COMPLETE

The Prince Has Read Utopia: COMPLETE

I Could No Sooner Choose a Favorite Star in the Heavens: COMPLETE

A Bird May Love a Fish: COMPLETE

I Am of Noble Blood: COMPLETE

I'm Only Here for the Food: In Production

Then I Shall Have to Make You Wings: COMPLETE

I Will Speak for Her: COMPLETE

Life Without Love is No Life at All: COMPLETE

You Cannot Leave Everything to Fate: In Queue

Ever After: COMPLETE

It Looks Like Rain!: In Production


10 out of 15 colorway fully complete!

Term Key

In Queue:  Has not yet been dyed, but will be

Pre-production: Skeins have been pulled and are next in line to be dyed

In Production: Colorway is currently in the dye, drying, or skeining process

Complete: All skeins of this colorway have been dyed and will ship out in the next 2 weeks, if all other colorways in your order are also marked as "complete".