What's next at Treehouse Knits?

The Office Collection launches at 4 pm CT on December 30th! It has an 8 week turnaround time!

If you're making a size XL sweater or larger please feel free to use the code "LOVETAX" at checkout. For every 6 skeins purchased, the 7th is free (eligible for 3 uses- 3 free skeins total). Please be honest with the code and only use if you truly qualify!

Meet the Maker

My name is Lauren and I'm the owner and dyer behind Treehouse Knits.

I began my dye journey in 2018 with another hand dyed yarn company. In June of 2020, I took the leap and developed Treehouse Knits.

The name Treehouse Knits comes from the street name, Treehouse Lane, where I lived growing up. I knew I wanted to pay homage to my childhood home, which is where my textile creativity first bloomed.

My mom was a single mother and worked out of our home as a seamstress and designer. The hum of a sewing machine was most definitely the soundtrack of my childhood. She ranged in projects from simple alterations to ornately beaded bridal gowns. I used to play in the fabrics and dream up designs and color combinations with her.

While I did not share her love for sewing, it ultimately led to my learning to knit at the age of 10. Now at the age of 30, I suppose you could say my career path was a long time coming.

My style tends to be earthy with intentional pops of color. Because of this, I love to draw a lot of my colorway inspiration from the ultimate color source- nature!