Stars Hollow Pre-Order Updates

Treehouse Knits hits Stars Hollow, a Gilmore girls Collection pre-order

Turnaround time 12-16 weeks

All orders should ship by Monday, August 15, 2022.  This estimate is subject to change.

I'll Make the Cookies: In Queue

Lorelai's House: In Queue

Rory's House: Pre-production

In Bloom: In Queue

First Flurries: COMPLETE

I Smell Snow: In Queue

Luke's Diner: COMPLETE

Foliage: In Queue

Miss Patty's School of Ballet: In Queue

Williams Hardware: COMPLETE

Dragonfly Inn: In Queue

Bibliophage: COMPLETE

Kim's Antiques: COMPLETE

Boys Don't Like Funny Girls: In production

Storm Cloud: In Queue

Dante: In Queue


Alebrije: In Queue

Sea Holly: In Queue

Barley: In Queue

Serengeti: In Queue

Fjord: In Queue



Saltillo: In Queue


Fairy Wine: COMPLETE


Term Key

In Queue:  Has not yet been dyed, but will be

Pre-production: Skeins have been pulled and are next in line to be dyed

In Production: Colorway is currently in the dye, drying, or skeining process

Complete: All skeins of this colorway have been dyed and will ship out in the next 2 weeks, if all other colorways in your order are also marked as "complete".